Where were you when Family Mart socks took over Japanese social media? Back in 2021, the iconic green and blue stripes blew us all away with their retro vibe and thick, comfy cotton. More than just a fashion statement, convenience store fiends finally had a way to showcase their affiliation as more and more both ironically and unironically, donned the socks to rep their favorite convenience store chain. 

A New Sock Challenger Appears

Three years later, Lawson has finally entered the ring, albeit in a delayed fashion (see what we did there). In collaboration with Muji, you can now buy the lifestyle brand’s right angle foot socks bearing a light blue and pink border, a throwback to Lawson’s classic branding. Not one to leave us hanging, a half cotton handkerchief is also available in similar colors so you can truly be matchy-matchy throughout.

The Muji brand is certainly going to draw interest even from the most discerning fashionistas as it’s known for producing quality goods. However, this isn’t the first time both brands have collaborated. You might have noticed that your local Lawson already has a Muji section with some clothing basics and stationery. 

Where to Get Your Own Lawson Socks

The socks and handkerchief are exclusively available at Lawson only which means you won’t spot them at Muji outlets. Socks come in two sizes and retail for ¥430 including tax while the handkerchief will set you back just ¥290, including tax. 

As for our personal style tip, we think that running with the preppy 1990s high school vibe suits it best. For a femme outfit, think pristine white tennis shoes, a flared pleated skirt and tank top for a cool summer feel. A pair of brown shorts and a white polo shirt would also fit the look. 

So now the only question remains, are you team Family Mart or team Lawson?

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