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Nagasaki Shippoku Hamakatsu

Great conversation over banquet-style feast of Chinese, Japanese and European fusion

By Camilla Chandra

As the plates arrive at the round red table, it’s really hard to pin down the origin of the meal. Egg dumplings, Chinese soup, stone-baked Japanese snapper, sashimi, fried shrimp toast and thick, slow-simmered pork belly the setting echoes a Chinese family banquet, but there are elements of European cuisine, too. This is what you get from a shippoku ryori, a dining style only unique to Nagasaki. The area was once a bustling hub for foreigners (Chinese, Dutch and Portugese) across the globe who resided during the “centuries of seclusion,” and now, it has a bit of everything in anything. Get to know more about this fusion at Shippoku Hamakatsu, located three minutes away from the station in Kajiya-machi. Using Nagasaki vegetables and local seafood, you’ll be served all kinds of dishes in this tatami-floored restaurant. With a more casual atmosphere and wallet-friendly price, you can catch up (or go all out) with your friends over great food and drink. 

Address:  6-50 Kajiyamachi, Nagasaki

Website: (website in Japanese)

Tel: 095-826-8321

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