By Weekender Editor

Located on a side street near Aoyama Gakuin University, this 100 percent vegan restaurant has an undeniable trendy flair, but still works for a casual lunch or evening with friends. Borrowing heavily from Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, the atmosphere itself gives you a hint of the restaurant’s extensive wine collection.

Innovative dishes like tempeh souvlaki, vegetable skewers, paprika-sprinkled pita bread, ricotta-sage ravioli and tofu steak demonstrate that 8ablish — while unapologetically vegan — is nonetheless focused on taste.

Address: 5-10-17 2F Minami-aoyama Minato-ku

Website: eightablish.com/parlor

Tel: 03-6805-0597

• Lunch 11:30-14:30 L.O.
• Dinner 18:00-21:30 L.O.
• Bar 21:30-22:30 L.O. (Sun.&Holiday 22:00 L.O.)
*Closed on every Tue.

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