Welcome to the fourth edition of Made in Japan, sister magazine to Tokyo Weekender. Published annually, Made in Japan is about spotlighting and celebrating Japanese craftsmanship and creativity in all forms, from traditional arts that have been practiced for centuries to cutting-edge modern technological innovations and avant-garde fashion.

The theme of this issue is “the future,” but quite broadly defined; we’re looking at individuals, movements and trends that are contributing to the future of Japanese culture in myriad ways, whether that’s through artistic transformation or scientific discovery, through reviving and reinvigorating a traditional craft so that it will continue to be passed down through generations, or through bold self-expression, creating new subcultures and scenes where people can feel comfortable being themselves.

This issue is divided into three sections: TRADITION, with a focus on the ways in which people are breathing new life into practices and products from Japan’s past; INNOVATION, looking at those who are pioneering a new reality — new ways of relating to one another and the planet, of dressing and designing, of traveling and of living sustainably; and EXPRESSION, which highlights those who are expressing their own individuality, creating more space for creativity and opening new paths of communication. Between these pages, you can find profiles of indigo dyers, environmentalists and the minds behind Japan’s biggest purveyor of self-pleasure devices. You’ll also encounter interviews with a nightlife photographer, a couture fashion designer and an award-winning architect, plus a lovely ode to kissaten and a personal account of spending a day in a mascot costume — and lots more.

I hope you enjoy the issue and come away with knowledge of someone or something new and exciting.