February: the coldest month of the year calls for a warm cup (or two) of one of Japan’s greatest gifts to the world, sake.

Step out of the chaos of modern Tokyo and into the nostalgic Showa period with Metallic Road: Shimanto Night, an event that pairs that famous collection of tiny bars in Shinjuku, Golden Gai, with sake.

With over 300 unique restaurants and bars, Golden Gai is a place where you’ll find yourself starting conversations – and maybe even friendships – with the eclectic mixture of travelers and regulars that make up the area’s nightly citizenry.


The event, which brings 300 guests together for a sake-tasting tour – including, for the first time, sake from Kochi prefecture –  accompanied by delicious appetizers, is a collaboration with regional vitalization project “Metal Road.” Launched two years ago on Christmas Day, the project created the common sake label of “Iron Road,” which aims to gather attention to local railways and the famed sake breweries found alongside them.

After purchasing advance tickets via phone or email (¥1,500) guests gather at around 6:30 pm. Until 10 pm, guests will go from one bar to another, where they will be served a brand of sake brewed in Kochi (¥500) and a free appetizer. Guests are also welcomed to order any dishes or drinks without a table charge, and, of course, guests who are up for more are free to explore Golden Gai and its eclectic offerings even after the event.

Reserve your place by contacting the following number or email address with the number of participants, their names, and an email address:

[email protected]


For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)