Standing proudly at the corner of Ginza’s storied 8th district is the Tokyo Ginza Shiseido Building. Representing the famed Shiseido brand, the 11-story building is also home to its own authentic culinary culture. Offering a timeless and leisurely experience that dates back to the Meiji period, Shiseido’s Salon de Café is set to bring out the holiday spirit in all of us with its December special edition menu.


The café’s origins date back to a “soda fountain” – a soda making machine placed in the corner of Shisedo Pharmacie, which first opened in 1872. When the soda fountain was introduced in 1902, it was the first to offer Japanese costumers the bubbly drinks alongside ice cream, which was rare at the time. As a symbol of Ginza – where Western influences merge with Japanese traditions – the café has been and continues to be a pioneer of western food culture in the heart of Tokyo.

The café has launched its Christmas Sweets Menu and while we’re heartbroken that it only lasts a month – from the 1st of December just up to Christmas Day – we’re sure that just a look at the holiday treats will be enough to get you heading there to satisfy your festive cravings. Here are some gorgeous, classy pieces to inspire your sweet tooth.


“Kurenai No Yume” Ice-cream soda – Orikasa Farm, Aomori: ¥1,130 (Limited edition: from December 1 to December 29.)

Enjoy this delicious ice-cream soda made from an all-natural syrup using the fresh juices of “Kurenai No Yume” – rare, red-fleshed apples, known as the “crimson dream.” The classic menu that has captured the hearts of visitors since the Meiji decades comes back with a refreshing apple taste and a soft, delicate pink color.


Christmas Rouge Parfait: ¥1,980

The bright berry colors and the red-fleshed apple “Kurenai No Yume” decorate this parfait, created in the image of Ginza during the Christmas season. Take your time relaxing with the herb-blended berry sorbet and rich, sweet-sour berry sauce. The rich milk flavored ice-cream and framboise soup sitting at the bottom layer are lovely surprises that will make for a truly special holiday afternoon.


Le Lectier Parfait – Watanabe Nature Farm, Niigata: ¥1,980 (Limited edition: from December 26 to December 29)

Only available for four days, the precious French fruit “Le Lectier” is transformed into a juicy parfait. Drizzle on the sweetly smelling praline sauce for a dreamy experience of richly harmonious flavors.


Shiseido Parlour’s December Tale (accompanied with coffee or tea): ¥2,450

A grand collective plate of the cafés classics: strawberry parfait, chocolate parfait, and pudding, together with three seasonal sweets. A mesmerizing variety of mesmerizing holiday treats can be found on the plate, including candles made from strawberry and pistachio mousses, a chestnut brownie Christmas tree, and a yogurt and berry chiffon cake with cream as soft as snow.

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