If you want to both enjoy your birthday and memorialize it forever in a supremely ‘grammable location, Sanagi Shinjuku might be the place.

Sanagi, billed as a food hub, event space and hip place to experience alternative culture, is offering up a reasonably-priced and delicious-looking set for folks celebrating their birthdays.

The set, which translates to something like Sanagi Celebratory Birthday Pack, goes for ¥3,000 and contains a giant parfait and sake saucer (and when we say giant, we mean it – just look at that photo!). It also comes with three normal-sized sake cups, ostensibly to share with friends as they stare at envy at yours – but hey, it’s your birthday, right?

The parfait is made of three kinds of ice cream: chocolate mint, cassis and vanilla, and is topped with whipped cream, caramel popcorn and colorful marble chocolate.

With its wall-to-wall stylings, Sanagi, located on the first floor of the NEWoMan complex in Shinjuku, has a supremely photogenic atmosphere, meaning even if your oversized sake leaves you with fuzzy memories, don’t worry: your friends are sure to ‘gram the occasion.

Sanagi Shinjuku
Hours: 11-23:30
Web: http://sanagi.tokyo

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