Japan Food Kitchen plans to make finding and ordering from Japanese restaurants simpler for English language speakers.

Whether you’ve just arrived in Tokyo or you’ve been here since the Showa period, you can probably remember first trying to get something to eat in town. Without strong Japanese skills, stepping into a nicer restaurant and really eating like the locals was probably intimidating. Now add to that the difficulty of finding vegetarian (or even vegan) fare, and you’ve got a tall order.

This is where Japan Food Kitchen comes in. The new site, which launched in October, aims to offer a complete listing of English-friendly Japanese restaurants around Tokyo, as well as restaurants with vegetarian options. Japan Food Kitchen researches the best Japanese restaurants around Tokyo’s 23 wards, offering you a variety that runs from sushi to yakitori and everything in between. Make sure to check out the Editor’s recommendation for seasonal food suggestions.

The Japan Food Kitchen team checks directly with their restaurants, providing a three-star system that rates each restaurant’s level of English: you’ll know whether they’ve got English menus or English-speaking staff. And for vegetarians, or mixed groups, you can find a dining experience where everyone will be satisfied. For some restaurants, you can even make an online reservation through Japan Food Kitchen—in English.

As Sae Domichi, Sales Manager of Japan Food Kitchen explains, “sites like Tabelog and Gurunavi have been around for a while, but the English versions of these sites are often an afterthought and they can be tough to navigate. Because Japan Food Kitchen is dedicated to Japanese restaurants and restaurants with vegetarian and vegan only options, you can be confident of the attention to detail and quality of their listings, which are constantly being updated.”

Japan Food Kitchen’s mission is to make it easier for English speakers to enjoy the tastes of authentic Japanese cuisine. As the site’s motto says, “Start your journey with us and return home with a full stomach and good memories!”

Visit their site at japan-food-kitchen.com