by April Moreno 

GARB Pintino first opened its doors Apr. 6 2005, bringing a refreshing change of scenery to the Shiba Koen area. Located directly across the street from Tokyo Tower, it is one of the only bars in the area which is offering a combination of modern design and an excellent menu.

In order to get the full experience of GARB Pinti­no, it is recommended to visit in the evening when the luminescent glow of the Tower looms right before your eyes, from the outdoor terrace. Dog lovers are also welcome to bring their pets outdoors on the terrace.

The menu at GARB Pintino is written in both English and Japanese, with English also spoken. The staff shows no hesitation in speaking to foreign customers. There are a wide variety of alcoholic beverages available, from wine and champagne to mixed drinks (all in the ¥1,000 range). Cafe beverages are also available for your companions who may not be up to drinking in the daytime.

The food menu was created with a European feel (the names of dishes are brought together from English, Italian, Spanish and French), and organic ingredients are used in the preparation of dishes. Ordering from the tapas menu, we tried the Picked Vegetables (¥550), Roast Chicken with Mustard Sauce (¥750), and Penne Arrabiata (¥530). They were all the perfect combination and of a satisfiyingly high standard. As for desserts, the Angel Food Cake with Vanilla Caramel sauce (¥650), which brought the Kansai sister branches into fame, thankfully is also available here.

Mr. Sato, the owner of GARB Pintino, also has a number of bars and restaurants in the Kansai area. In addition to GARB Pintino, next door is his restau­rant called Kushi, serving traditional Japanese style kushiage course dishes. The Tokyo Tower locations are his first in Kanto, and his careful planning is evident in all the details of GARB Pintino. A great location, an excellent menu, and friendly English speaking staff — it is all here.

3-5-4 Shiba Koen, 1F Shibusawa Bldg.
Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-5472-1057
Open Monday – Saturday 11:30-3am
Sunday and Holidays 11:30-midnight