With its sky-lit bamboo garden as the centerpiece, mood lighting and plush seats, the Peak Lounge & Bar is the place to be for a classy evening out: it offers a spectacular view of Tokyo, unlimited drinks and the chef’s seasonal specialties.

By Vivian Morelli

If you want to recreate those scenes from Lost in Translation while giving your wallet less of a bashing, just head a few floors below the famed New York Grill and stop on the 41st floor at The Peak Lounge & Bar. Fun fact: did you know that a few scenes from the movie were actually shot in The Peak Lounge & Bar, too?

Movie trivia aside, The Peak Lounge & Bar offers the quality and customer service of its upstairs neighbor, with a very reasonable price tag. Its weeknight cocktail menu, the aptly named Peak of Joy, is a particularly good deal. What’s not to love about a stunning skyscraper view, a selection of delectable cocktails, and accompanying nibbles that make up a meal? We’re inclined to say Peak of Joy is one of the best-kept secrets in Tokyo… at least until now.

Every evening, The Peak Lounge & Bar takes on a magical feeling as the sun sets over the city, and an array of colorful and tasty cocktails are whipped up right in front of your eyes. Get there early to sip on cocktails while the night lights come to life and the sky fades slowly to black. The sky isn’t the only thing that changes its shades: the drinks menu changes on a monthly basis, and they feature syrups that are made in-house. The drink menu is sophisticated yet playful, with an array of tastes, looks, and names to match.

We especially loved a concoction dubbed the Comodo Tempo, with apple and peach liqueurs, plum juice and blue curaçao for a bright hue. With options ranging from mango and lychee liqueurs to maraschino and even soy milk as mixers, ordering the next cocktail was definitely the highlight of our experience. Although the extensive cocktail assortment should please everyone’s tastes, beer, wines, sparkling wines and spirits are also available, as well as non-alcoholic “mock” cocktails and soft drinks.

We’d like to say that the cocktails are the star of Peak of Joy, but the fare is equally mouth-watering: the menu changes daily, and features seasonal specialties. While it tends to start with a fresh green salad and breadsticks to open your appetite, what follows is up to the Chef’s mood: a seasonal appetizer plate most likely based on fresh vegetables, such as grilled tomatoes, a soup and the day’s catch, and daily specialties giving you samples of perfectly grilled and seasoned meats or fish, as well as pasta (with a mussels and cream sauce on the day we visited). And for the lucky ladies, dessert is offered to end the feast on a sweet note. A vegetarian menu is also available upon request and the hosts at Park Hyatt Tokyo can accommodate any other food requests.

The Peak Lounge gave us many reasons to recommend it: while the drinks are there at the top, there’s nothing quite like the view. Next time you find yourself near Park Hyatt Tokyo, don’t shy away as you may miss out on one of the best treats Tokyo has to offer.



Peak of Joy

When: 17:00-21:00 (last reservation 19:00)

Where: The Peak Lounge & Bar, Park Hyatt Tokyo

3-7-1 Nishi-Shinjuku

03-5323-3461 (please call for reservations, or reserve online at http://tokyo.park.hyatt.com/en/hotel/dining/ThePeakLounge.html)

How much: ¥5,200 (+ seating charge), ¥6,000 (+ seating charge) Dec. 1–19 & Dec 26–Jan 5

For Dec 20–25, there will be a special festive version for ¥10,000 + sc (or ¥12,000 + sc, including dessert and coffee). This Christmas version will go from 17:00 until 21:00.