As we embark on our new projects and ideas, it’s safe to say that 2017 will be another busy year – but Cozy Corner is here to remind us to slow down and spread the love to those important to us with some tasty treats.

The chocolatier has launched its Valentine’s Day limited edition from January 4, setting the stage for a warm and heartwarming holiday.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day has traditionally been seen as a day for couples, or the day to confess one’s love (or at least give a small hint) — but year by year, its meaning has shifted. Valentine’s is now a day to simply share love with and say thanks to the important people in our lives.

Cozy Corner’s two limited selections are for everyone. Varying in prices and flavors, the Cozy Corner Series is a great gift to casually offer to a friend or colleague, while each intriguingly designed treat in the Gina Ma Gina Series is said to bring good luck, a unique delight to treat yourself to or a hardworking friend. Here are some of the chocolatier’s flavorful offers that will help you make someone’s day a little bit more special.

Cozy Corner Series: Delicious chocolates that show your feelings of gratitude, love, and appreciation.


Praline Chocolat

A variety box of chocolates with a jewel-like charm. With a different taste and texture for each piece, the chocolates are a great gift for your Valentine or simply to upgrade your normal day.

(3 types/4 pieces) ¥324
(7 types/8 pieces ) ¥540
( 13 types/14 pieces ) ¥1,080
(16 types/21 pieces ) ¥1,620
(17 types/28 pieces ) ¥2,160


Nutty Chocolat Varié

A chocolate assortment perfect for nut lovers. Includes crunchy rochés made from wheat bran and almonds, melt-in-your-mouth almond milk truffles, and gianduja-filled bon-bons that smell of roasted hazel nuts and pistachio.

(6 types/6 pieces) ¥1,080
(6 types/9 pieces) ¥1,620


Ginza Pavé de Chocolat (Available from Jan 23)

A package containing three flavors of delightful treats each carefully made from fresh milk combined with green tea plus milk and white chocolate.

(3 types/24 pieces ) ¥950

Gina Ma Gina Series: Based on the good luck phrase “Gina Ma Gina,” these delicate chocolates are sure to spread love and charm all around.



A package of treats featuring lucky items as its motif, the chocolates are to bring good luck and happiness.

(4 types/4 pieces) ¥324
(5 types/5 pieces ) ¥540
(10 types/10 pieces ) ¥1,080



Said to bring everlasting wellness, these chocolates are for relaxing and treating yourself for your well-being.

(4 types/4 pieces ) ¥324
(5 types/5 pieces ) ¥540
(10 types/10 pieces ) ¥1,080



For success and victory. The clear blue package filled with flavorful treats is a great gift to show your support to those who aim high.

(4 types/4 pieces ) ¥324
(5 types/5 pieces ) ¥540
(10 types/10 pieces ) ¥1,080

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