Hand-picked from our Concierge restaurant listings, here are seven restaurants where you can sample everything from authentically prepared Japanese cuisine to meals that blend flavors from across the Asian continent.



Just a three-minute walk from Roppongi Station, Sawaichi offers an urban oasis filled with light, warmth – and incredible cuisine. High-quality ingredients is where everything begins at Sawaichi, and every time you come for a meal you can expect to enjoy fresh, seasonal seafood and vegetables drawn from the length and breadth of Japan. Although the restaurant’s chefs specialize in creating course menus that change with the seasons, they are more than willing to accommodate special requests.


Nogizaka Shin

This restaurant mainly serves recipes and ingredients from the prefecture of Tokushima, the home prefecture of chef Shinji Ishida, who has a special love for tai (sea bream). At Nogizaka Shin you are sure to experience an exquisite Japanese dinner carefully prepared by chef Ishida – who has worked at Koju in Ginza and Okuda Paris, both of which have been honored with a Michelin star – accompanied by an excellent wine and sake list.



Thanks to its distinct four seasons and its abundant natural resources, Japan has developed a food culture that is recognized for the healthiness of its ingredients, its balance of unique flavors, and its sheer variety. Restaurant Byakko strives to pass on traditional Japanese food culture to the next generation, preserving its exquisite taste and beauty in a wide range of delicious, satisfying meals.



Restaurant Kanjin is fully committed to seasonal Japanese cuisine. Enjoy fresh seafood such as lobster, crab and stonefish, which can be chosen personally from the restaurant’s aquarium, as well as the finest quality Japanese beef and pork, in a wide range of course meals. The Akasaka-based restaurant offers table seats as well as private rooms for special occasions.


Akasaka Rikyu

Delivering the essence of Cantonese cuisine, Akasaka Rikyu combines rich Japanese ingredients into a menu of delicate and traditional Chinese dishes served in an authentic Hong Kong style. Specializing in roasted dishes, dim sum, seafood, and shark fin, the food here is bold yet light on oil and seasonings, and complemented by an exciting assortment of wine and Chinese tea.


Ginza Rikyu

For an impressive Ginza dining experience, this Cantonese cuisine restaurant doesn’t disappoint. After receiving tremendous praise for the flagship location in Akasaka, Rikyu opened this branch in the historical Ginza Kojun Building. Chef Hikoaki Tan presides over the traditional Cantonese menu of roasted dishes and shark fin entrées, as well as seasonal recommendations prepared in his original style. In addition to Chinese tea and rice wine, the sommelier has put together a selection of over 100 premium wines.


Soffa Tokyo

Nestled in the hideaway residential area only two minutes away from Yoyogi-Uehara Station, Soffa Tokyo offers an eclectic mix, serving up the best Shanghai cuisine, as well as authentic Japanese dishes and delicious Indian curry. Customers at Soffa Tokyo can also enjoy specialities cooked in a bamboo steamer.