Japan has a passion for European cuisine, and you shouldn’t be surprised to find Tokyo restaurants serving up French or Italian dishes done just as well as they would be in their native countries. We invite you to take a look at this baker’s dozen that we’ve selected from The Concierge where chefs are proudly serving up dishes from the (European) Continent. Bon appétit!


Chez Lui

Relax during a delicious dinner in a cozy atmosphere just a stone’s throw away from the buzz and bustle of Daikanyama. You can expect a warm welcome from the restaurant’s friendly staff and a mouthwatering array of French cuisine, prepared from seasonal ingredients, from Chez Lui’s kitchen.


Elio Locanda Italiana

Elio Locanda Italiana is Elio Orsara’s award-winning restaurant, which has been offering up authentic Southern Italian cuisine and hospitality for the past 20 years. It’s a place where you can enjoy the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, homemade cheese and salami, delicacies imported directly from Italy, signature recipes, homemade pasta and bread, and warm-hearted, friendly staff who will make you feel right at home.


Hayamaan Tokyo

Famous for natural French cuisine that is as delicious as it is beautifully presented, Hayamaan Tokyo uses seasonal vegetables sourced directly from local farmers. As a plus for health-conscious diners, the chefs prepare menus that keep dairy to a minimum.

liberte a table de takeda

Liberte a Table de Takeda

This restaurant offers a fresh spin on French cuisine thanks to the experiences and tastes of chef Kenji Takeda, who spent several years developing his talents in France. The name “Liberte” is a nod to the free style of cooking that Takeda discovered while working abroad, and is expressed in his experimentation with the inherent flavors of seasonal ingredients.


Ohara et Cie

This modern restaurant is located in the quiet, stylish, cosmopolitan neighborhood of Nishi-Azabu. Between the delicate cuisine at Ohara et Cie and the sleek, “mineral clean” interior, customers can count on spending a relaxing afternoon or evening at this elegant restaurant that specializes in beautifully presented European cuisine.


Pace Italian Lounge

This spot features authentic Italian food made with organic vegetables delivered directly from contract farmers, and original cocktails made with fresh fruit. Enjoy sumptuous food and drink in the comfort of the open air lounge until late into the evening; your favorite beverage with light appetizers at the bar; or a romantic dinner in Pace’s private room.


Restaurant Hiromichi

French Restaurant Hiromichi is run by the talented, Michelin-starred chef Hiromichi Kodama who has crafted an elaborate menu upon which he is constantly improving. The dishes consist of the freshest ingredients drawn from Tokyo and beyond, including a wide variety of organic vegetables, making course meals at the restaurant an exquisite experience, filled with subtle pleasures.


Restaurant Sant Pau

The second branch of the famous Catalan Restaurant Sant Pau, which was awarded three Michelin stars thanks to the culinary brilliance of chef Carme Ruscalleda. Restaurant Sant Pau, which replicates the original branch in interior and atmosphere, brings a true taste of the Cataluña region to Japan. All ingredients are freshly sourced locally or imported directly from Spain.


Ristorante Yagi

Chef Kosuke Yagi intensely studied Italian cuisine at several top restaurants across Japan and Italy. With the opening of the Ristorante Yagi, he strives to “create a restaurant that makes people happy.” Ristorante Yagi serves individual menus based on customers’ preferences and seasonal ingredients, ensuring that all meal courses feature freshly prepared, high-quality dishes.



Located near Nakameguro Station and Meguro River, French restaurant SouRiRe offers full-flavored dishes that are served as part of a lunch or dinner course menu. The chefs at SouRiRe liken a course meal to a leisurely culinary stroll, with intriguing and delectable twists and turns. To accompany the course menus, the restaurant offers a wide selection of wine carefully chosen by the chef and staff.



Reverse the word “esprit” and you’ll understand the inspiration behind this restaurant’s name. Offering contemporary French-Japanese fusion food, Tirpse earned a Michelin one-star rating just a couple of months after opening in 2013. The focus is on French dishes with a touch of local influence, with the aim of creating a new kind of cuisine altogether.


Trattoria Dal Birbante Giocondo

Inspired by the liveliness and wholesome cuisine of Rome’s trattorias, this restaurant opened in 2012 and serves delicious traditional Italian meals in a cozy atmosphere. From classic carbonara to fresh fish dishes, the menu is a rich combination of local ingredients and Italian charm. Be sure to try one of their excellent wines.

what a tart restaurant

What a Tart!

Not only are the little savory tarts here beautiful to look at, they come with so many different toppings – think “roasted apple & blue cheese” and “smoked salmon & fall vegetables with tiger nuts” – that you’ll find it hard to choose. Ingredients are healthy and uncomplicated, with the tart shells usually made from white wheat flour, grape seed oil and/or white sesame oil.