With the warmer weather improving our blood flow, we’re heading into fiery Aries season, commencing a new year-long cycle. The universe encourages us to be bold and take initiative on our own desires, and the astrological new year gives us a sense of cosmic renewal. We do have a bit of an intense month coming up, however, as Mercury goes retrograde in dramatic Aries on the first. We’ll also have a total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8. Though it won’t be visible from Japan, a solar eclipse — which is sometimes referred to as a hyper-charged new moon — might signal a dramatic change or forced reset. Since we have a busy month ahead and emotions might run high, don’t forget to take breaks and check in with yourself regularly.  

Keep reading below for your sign’s monthly horoscope, and make sure to check both your sun and rising signs.

April 2024 horoscope aries

Aries April Horoscope

Happy birthday, Aries! You have a wild month ahead, rams. While you’re enjoying the warmth of your solar return, we’re seeing major astrological movement in your sign, including the dreaded Mercury retrograde and a dramatic solar eclipse. Venus also moves into your home sign on April 5, and your ruling planet Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 10th, so it’s fair to say the rest of Aries season will be jam-packed with action. Thankfully, you thrive on stimulation and being busy, and the quick turns you’ll experience this month might be exciting more than anything. Just beware to not burn yourself out and make sure all the drama is fueling your life’s fire, not stifling it.

taurus April 2024 horoscope

Taurus April Horoscope

The first half of the month is a good time for you to slow down and look inward — particularly on April 8, when we experience a solar eclipse which will bring some insight about how you want to navigate the next few months. We’ll be welcoming your solar return starting on April 19, and the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd will be lighting up your 7th house of partnerships. Expect some revelations and inspiration surrounding how you approach your relationships. Make time this month to be in nature; look at the spring blooms and allow yourself to reflect on your divine intuition.

gemini April 2024 horoscope

Gemini April Horoscope

This month is all about prioritizing for you, Gemini. Mercury retrograde is happening in your 11th house of friendships and technology this month, which means you’re going to have a lot of information coming your way, and small blunders in communication might overwhelm you. As a social sign, you might find it hard to say no to networking opportunities, but you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders once you make your priorities and boundaries clear. With the people you do make time for, go on a special outing, like visiting a gallery or eating soul-fueling cuisine.

April 2024 horoscope cancer

Cancer April Horoscope

This is a good month for you to reflect on your career, Cancer. With Mercury retrograde shaking things up in your 10th house of career and public image, you’ll have to be deliberate about how you want to be perceived or what tasks you agree to do. Prepare for a shift or advancement in your career during the solar eclipse on April 8; it’s up to you to decide whether the change will be positive or not. All the reflection you do this month will be worth it once Mercury goes direct with Mars in confident Aries, letting you enjoy the fruits of your mental labor. In the meantime, enjoy some minimalist art to take you back to basics. 

April 2024 horoscope Leo

Leo April Horoscope

Ruminate on your hopes and dreams this month, Leo; you were never meant to be normal, and it isn’t time to start now. You may want to take action now that we’re in fellow fire sign Aries season, but Mercury’s backtrack will force you to slow down and think about how you approach your ambitions. The solar eclipse on April 8 might give you a new perspective; let your mind be flexible and welcome new trains of thought you might not be used to. Don’t be afraid to stray from the status quo, and consider traveling to lesser known spots to help you think outside of the norm. 

Virgo April 2024 horoscope

Virgo April Horoscope

Transformation is nigh for you Virgo – but not quite yet. Mercury’s retrograde will have you consulting with your inner self and facing some of the scarier thoughts that lurk in the shadows of your subconscious. Once you’ve faced your fears, though, you’ll feel much more confident and clear-headed. This will be especially true when the full moon in Scorpio on April 23 illuminates your priorities; you’ll be ready to take action and resolve the things that truly matter to you. Inner work can be lonely, but you don’t have to ice yourself out from your network. Invite friends out to a sake outing for a nice evening.

libra April 2024 horoscope

Libra April Horoscope

It’s all about love for you this month, Libra. With both Mercury retrograde and a solar eclipse happening in your house of love and relationships, you’ll be receiving some divine insight as well as a somewhat forced meditation on what you want out of your love life. Plus, Venus conjuncts with the North Node on April 17, so you might experience an extra romantic nudge. As you seek out connections and reach out to any current or potential love interests, though, be mindful about codependency and make sure you’re establishing your own autonomy. In the meantime, if you need some date inspiration, check out our Tokyo date guide here.

April 2024 horoscope scorpio

Scorpio April Horoscope

It’s time to declutter your mind, Scorpio. With Mercury retrograde passing through your 6th house of health and organization, this month will be a good time for you to reassess your routines and lifestyle. The solar eclipse on April 8 will help you shed old habits and embrace new ones that serve you better. All the inner reflection will come to a head during the full moon in your sign on the 23rd, when you’ll be able to connect with your authentic self naturally. While you’re resetting your routines this month, consider how you can incorporate more sustainable habits in your lifestyle as well.

Sagittarius April Horoscope

Unleash your passions this month, archer. Mercury retrograde is passing through your 5th house of creativity and childlike spirit, so if you’ve been neglecting your sense of play because of, well, life, it’s time to reconnect with your inner child. Embrace the boost of joy you’ll feel during the solar eclipse on April 8, and share your spirit with loved ones, particularly any romantic partners or children in your life. Welcome the warmer weather and explore wherever your feet take you. Try wandering the streets of a yokocho with your favorite people.

April 2024 horoscope capricorn

Capricorn April Horoscope

Your family and home life will come into focus this month, Cap, with Mercury retrograde passing through your 4th house of family and emotional foundations. Combined with the solar eclipse, this might cause some childhood emotions to resurface, which could help you re-evaluate the dynamics you create with your chosen family. Consider exploring nature with your family this month to deliberately find joy within your domestic relationships.

Aquarius April Horoscope

You’re in your own head quite a lot, Aqua, but this month you might find yourself overthinking more than usual. With Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house of the mind and communication, beware of getting in your own way by convincing yourself out of something just because of anxiety. Be extra careful around technology as well — communication mishaps are more likely to happen during Mercury’s backspin. Double-check your texts before pressing send, and hang out with loved ones in person and preferably outside this month.

April 2024 horoscope pisces

Pisces April Horoscope

Embrace being a student this month, Pisces. Since it’s taking place in your 2nd house of money and material possessions, Mercury retrograde will give you some insight about your finances and work habits this month. Stay away from making any impulsive purchases; Mercury is trying to teach you something right now, and it’s best not to act hasty when you’re in the middle of a lesson. Later this month, you’ll connect more with your metaphysical subconscious, with the full moon in Scorpio illuminating your 12th house of spirituality and healing. You might appreciate the philosophy of Japanese crafts more than usual, which makes the moon’s lessons on patience and beauty tangible.

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