Genki Sudo’s group has released another video: this time, it’s “Welcome to Tokyo.”

There is a Japanese expression that goes “hikidashi ga ooi” (引き出しが多い). Literally, it means “a lot of drawers,” but figuratively, it can be used to call someone a Renaissance man or woman. Without a doubt, this description certainly applies to Genki Sudo. He is currently the leader/composer/choreographer of a music and dance group called World Order, but before that he was a mixed martial arts fighter. In addition, he is an author and a graduate student in political science—if he took any bad hits to the head as a fighter, they certainly haven’t affected him much.

World Order’s music videos (and occasional TV ads) feature Sudo and the other members of the group in suits performing closely choreographed robotic dancing, often in public places and frequently to the bemusement of the people around them. They’ve just come out with a new video, “Welcome to Tokyo,” which features the crew dancing in some of Tokyo’s most well-known tourist spots, such as Asakusa, Akihabara, and in front of the recently refurbished Tokyo Station.

You can watch one of the group’s most popular videos (“Mindshift”) below, as well as a “greatest hits” compilation of Sudo’s MMA fighting career.