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IKI Retreat Kairi Murakami

A beachside oasis with five-star amenities and breathtaking view of Genkai Sea

By Camilla Chandra

Decked on the beautiful Iki Island, this beachside oasis overlooks the Genkai Sea’s blue waters and offers five-star resort amenities. There are several types of guest rooms, each designed with a floor-to-ceiling window that gives an unobstructed panoramic view of the ocean. The suites feature a Japanese-style dining area, tatami floor and private open-air hot spring baths that further accentuates the traditional Japanese charm albeit its overall modern interior. IKI Retreat Kairi Murakami also offers a myriad of activities of water sport options, sunset cruises and well-appointed spas. After a long day exploring the island, unwind with a delightful dining experience at the resort. The foods are carefully prepared by the master chef, locally gourmet to capture the essence of true Iki cuisine. Taste high-end Iki wagyu beef, fresh seafood — abalone, sea urchins and squid — and craftily seasonal dishes you won’t find in urban cities.

Address: 119-2 Katsumotocho Tateishi Nishifure, Iki, Nagasaki


Tel: 0920-43-0770

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