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Hirayama Ryokan

Rejuvinating open-air bath, creative local cuisine and slow relaxation

By Camilla Chandra

Hirayama Ryokan is Iki Island’s charming hot spring hotel renowned for its red-tinted salt hot spring baths, heartwarming hospitality and a deep tradition that traces back to over 60 years ago. Here, you can enjoy a soothing time in the open-air bath and stroll around in yukata afterward. The ryokan has eight large Japanese-style rooms with tatami floors, calligraphy arts and private dining space the friendly staff will convert to a bedroom — complete with futon beds — as the night arrives. Bigger family-type rooms come with a hot spring bath, but you can also relish the serene Iki nature on their public onsen that is available for private reservations. Dining in this established ryokan is also a great pleasure. Refined Japanese kaiseki cuisine is prepared from the freshest Iki seafood produce, delicacies and their home-grown vegetables. From yellowtail sashimi, sea bream somen, and wholesome nabe, this remarkable selection of seasonal menu tucks you into an immersive Japanese experience.

Address: 77 Katsumotocho Tateishi Nishifure,, Iki, Nagasaki


Tel: 0920-43-0016

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