As happens in life, the winds of change have suddenly blown and today they are blowing me to the holy city of Varanasi. My 13 hour overnight train journey will see me arriving at 5:30am where I will seek out my favourite lassiwallah who adds a special dash of delectable rosewater.

I can’t deny my affection for Varanasi despite the inherent madness of a city that see’s the sick coming to die and the dead being burned on the ghats to be finally received by Mother Ganga (river).

There are certain things that bring a smile to my face when I come to India:  the rickety colourful autorickshaws; the chai stands crowded with locals drinking the sweet but oh so addictive milky tea; the awesome vegetarian food stalls; the shouts of “namaste Auntie-ji” as I walk by; the expression everything is possible “sab kuch milega”; cows everywhere you can imagine; the colour…

This is not to say that India is not without challenges- but this is life isn’t it?! To be able to sit at your “edges” teaches you that no matter what happens in life you are able to flow.