After almost a month, the winds of change have seen me depart beautiful Portugal as I head back to Spain to Seville.

In Seville a friend took us to an amazing Vegetarian restaurant called Gaia Eco Salud where we relished the air-con and enjoyed a set menu starting with a chilled beetroot and black seasame soup. Delicioso!!! Gaia has an organic supermercado as well just down the block. Anyone who says that vegetarian cooking is boring would be easily won-over to the green side if they ate at this creative, healthy and lip-smacking cafe.

Sevilla is a beautiful city with streets lined with orange trees and basking in sun. The heat was upon us and one of the best Gelato cafes beckoned us, Heladeria La Fiorentina. I think I heard angels sing as I ate my pistashio and chocolate ginger cone – simply heavenly!

The streets of Seville are so charming and the warm evenings saw us moving our clocks to Spanish time- late to bed and late to rise with a siesta in between.

Thank you Ricardo for setting us up in central Seville and Paco for your generous and wonderful company.