by Kurt Chalmers

This issue we are back in central Tokyo for a trip around Minami Aoyama. Get off at Aoyama l-chome station and you find yourself in the southernmost part of the neighborhood—a bit of a salaryman’s no man’s land. But there are unique and worthwhile restaurants and shops to visit!

Piadina is a fantastic local restaurant…Italian cooking at its simple best. Owner Georgio’s (interviewed in the Weekender Vol. 40. issue 2) two main passions are food and people, and he really has a community atmosphere going here. Whether enjoying some pasta or piadina (sandwiches) sit outside on the patio in the coming warmer months, for one of the best people-watching and home-cooked Italian dining experiences in Tokyo.

Book 246 is a small bookstore with art and travel books in both Japanese and English. It’s one of those places that happens to carry the best of eco and art Japanese magazines. The staff speaks English and is very helpful. Book 246 is owned by Cafe Company who also owns the trendy 246 cafe next door as well as several other Tokyo hotspots.

This will be the last time we mention a big and tall shop in this column! Aptly named GRAND-BACK, there is no longer an excuse to complain about Japanese shops not carrying foreign sizes—they really do have a good selection of formal and smart casuals at this Aoyama location.


1-2-3 Minami Aoyama
tel. 03-3478-6941

(2) B0oK 246

1-2-6 Minami Aoyama,
tel. 03-5771-6899

(3) PiADiNA

1-3-6 Minami Aoyama,
tel. 03-3405-5518