Victoria holds the distinction of being one of the biggest bicycle commuting cities in Canada. With year-round cycling and cycle-friendly roads, it’s no wonder.

Having left my beloved bikes in Japan, I was happy to find Cycle BC, a friendly and exceptionally run company that rents bicycles, scooters and motorbikes. Happy to use my own leg power, I have been exploring beautiful Victoria on my sunny yellow urban NORCO bicycle.

Manager Alan Hall, is an experienced mountain biker who expertly guides customers to cycling routes based on their capability and interest. The most popular scenic routes in Victoria include the Galloping Goosealong the Lochside Trail that takes cyclists through a lovely park corridor of approximately 55km. The Scenic Coastline route runs a 40km loop that starts downtown and takes riders through Beacon Hill Park and numerous waterfront communities to Mount Doug Park, where enthusiasts can summit for a great view of the city.

With shops in Victoria and Vancouver, those in the area will have no excuse to miss exploring the wonders of the West coast on two wheels.
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