One tends to associate Yokosuka as home of the American naval base. However, after a long-awaited year of renovation, Coaska Bayside Stores hosts its grand reopening on April 24, 2020, making the Kanagawa Prefecture city located on the Miura Peninsula a nice shopping destination.

The newly upgraded Coaska Bayside Stores will replace the locally beloved Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka. Coaska is the perfect location for a small, quick escape from central Tokyo as it is easily accessible by both train and car. It is only a three-minute walk from Shioiri Station on the Keikyu Line, a nine-minute walk from Yokosuka Staton on the JR Yokosuka Line and a 10-minute walk from Yokosuka Central Station on the Keikyu Line. 

Escape Tokyo for a Shopping Excursion

Coaska Bayside Stores aims to be the new “it” place for everyone. The new complex will be a place of relaxation, openness and fun for everyone and anyone who enjoys the local Yokosuka life. Once you walk in, you are greeted by a gorgeous Yokosuka and Miura peninsula-inspired interior. Based on the themes of the harbor, metal, ships, cultural exchange, rich food and natural environment, Coaska lets you breathe in the Yokohama air from inside. Don’t miss out on a good meal at the ocean-view food court. 

At Coaska, there are more than 100 gourmet, shopping experiences and entertainment attractions spread over six floors. The 2nd floor hosts to various shops offering fresh meats, produce and seafood local to Yokosuka and the Miura Peninsula. Local brands include Aeon Style Yokosuka, Kooshin and Nagai Suisan. Kooshin provides fresh and high-quality fruits and meats including Hayama beef, local to the Miura Peninsula. Nagai Suisan, a renowned fishery offers fresh fish from Japan and all over the world. 

From the latest fashions, interior goods, to zakka (miscellaneous goods), cosmetics and drugs, and daily necessities, you can get all of your shopping done at Coaska. A wide variety of shops are available, from Western brands such as H&M and Gap Outlet and Japanese brands such as GU, Nitori and ABC Mart. Whether you’re here for a breezy shopping spree or a chill browse around, Coaska perfectly fits to everyone’s wants and needs. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

From movie theaters, bowling alleys to bookshops, cafés, adventure parks; are also plenty of entertainment options. Coaska will be the first mall with a bowling alley in the Yokosuka area. The Sport Bowling Kingdom takes up the entire sixth floor. Visitors can even go on a Yokosuka Harbor tour to see the renowned US Navy and Japanese self-defense ships. You get to experience not just fun but also local history.