Even under a state of emergency, there is much to look forward to in Shimokitazawa with an array of new establishments set to open. Here’s what’s new in the area this month, so you can add them to your list of things to see and do in Tokyo.

Restaurants & Dining 

The Pizza – Big Cheesy Slices, New York style 

The Pizza is a welcome addition to Shimokitazawa’s restaurant scene, specializing in serving pizza by the slice, New York style. They have a small menu of standard pizzas and a few peculiar ones like gorgonzola and honey. They all look delicious and are a bit different from your typical Japanese pizza. Hopefully, this restaurant will inspire more places to sell pizza by the slice while also helping to keep the area’s food scene thriving.

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Where: 5-28-14 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku

new in Shimokitazawa

Decaffeination Tokyo – All of the Coffee with None of the Jitters

Of course, many people look to their morning cup of joe to serve as a caffeine boost to start the day. Others, however, are simply looking for a beverage with a rich roasted flavor. If you are craving a cup of java in the evening and don’t want to be kept up until the wee hours, Decaffeination Tokyo has got you covered. They serve a bunch of different drinks like tea, lattes, smoothies and of course coffee. Additionally, if you’re feeling hungry, they also have some interesting options for lunch. 

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Where: 2-21-26 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku 

new in Shimokitazawa

Amanoya – Natural Shaved Ice Sourced from Yatsugatake

With the weather warming up and summer coming, there couldn’t be a better time to open a kakigori (shaved ice) shop. Amanoya uses natural ice sourced from the Yatsugatake mountain range topped with impressive flavors such as tiramisu, caramel, bitter chocolate and pistachio. Come here for a sweet cooldown when the weather is hot. 


Where: 2-36-13 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku 


Kaimen Mikawa – A New Ramen Shop with Bold New Flavors 

Clam and beef bone ramen isn’t something you hear about very often. Clam ramen is usually either entirely seafood-based or blended with the lighter flavor of chicken stock. Kaimen Mikawa, however, has tried something different and succeeded gracefully. Located just outside Shimokitazawa station, this is an easy spot to visit and because it’s new, you might not have to wait as long as you would at more established shops in the area. 

The ramen has a clean light taste, but with more depth than you’d find in a typical seafood ramen dish thanks to the rich beef flavor component. While the toppings aren’t as special as the soup itself, they aren’t a letdown either. Overall, it has both a new and a familiar taste to it that you will find yourself wanting to revisit. 

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Where: 2-25-4 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku 


Shimokitazawa ReloadAn Exciting New Development on the Senrogai opening June 16

Shimokitazawa Reload is one of the many exciting developments scheduled to open along the former Odakyu line tracks. This is an area now called Senrogai. Much like Bonus Track which opened last year, Shimokitazawa Reload is set to host plenty of hip and trendy shops designed to fit in with the laid-back lifestyle Shimokitazawa is known for. Of course, new developments aren’t always welcome in areas with a rich local culture, but it remains to be seen what impact Reload will have. Bonus Track seems to fit in wonderfully, so hopefully, Reload will do the same.

Reload will have 24 shops and restaurants specializing in things that scream Shimokita. From a “coffee laboratory” to a playful stationery store, a standing izakaya to a “curry gallery,” there’s so much to enjoy. On top of all that, there’s also a vintage clothes shop and a shisha bar. It is clear that Reload is trying to fit in. We’ll just have to wait and see if they can manage to do it. 


Where: 3-19-20 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku

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