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24 Things To Do in Tokyo This Week: July 24–30

Tokyo Weekender's guide to the best events, activities and things to do in the city

Summer is here and to go with the warm weather, Tokyo has sizzling hot events happening all over town. This week, pop by the Tokyo Comedy Bar for some laughs or check out the city’s hottest art exhibitions, many of which will end at the end of July.

Community & Live Events

One Night Only Improv Comedy at Tokyo Comedy Bar

Brand-new comedy delivered by Tokyo’s top comedians — so new that even the comedians won’t know what they’ll be talking about until they get up on stage. The topics are displayed on screen after they go on stage and the comedians have to then make it all up on the spot. Think Cards Against Humanity smashed together with stand-up.

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Sam Tallent Live in Tokyo at Tokyo Comedy Bar

Known for whip-quick wit and rollicking improvisations, Sam Tallent is one of the sharpest, most original rising talents in comedy today. He blew the roof off at Tokyo Comedy Bar in January and Tallent is back in Tokyo for two cracking shows.

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Tohaku Chakan at the Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo National Museum is hosting Tohaku Chakan (teahouse) in their Okyokan, a traditional Japanese house on the museum premises, from July 14 to January 28, 2024. A variety of food, beverages and activities have been prepared for visitors to enjoy Japanese culture.

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“Sifting: An ode to things, and their thingy-ness” Group Exhibition

A collection of works based around the concept of gleaning, gathering information bit by bit. Either literally or figuratively, this group exhibition reflects the physical objects that hold sentimental value in our lives and the memories associated with them.

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Datsuijo Exhibition: “Atlas of a Dream Volcano”

“Atlas of a Dream Volcano” is an exhibition at Datsuijo, Tokyo drawing on a book by the artist Alexandra Ruppert. In the book, Ruppert calls for a dream-ward shift in our thinking, inspired by visionaries such as Donna Haraway and Ursula K. Le Guin. Ruppert turns from a tool for mapping the outside world into a pathway towards reconsidering the world inside ourselves, especially those created using our unconscious world-building capacities.

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“Ai to Wakare” Photography Exhibition at Rébon Kaisaiyu

Indonesian photographers Adwitiyo P. Purnomo and Aini R. Santri showcase their latest works at Rébon Kaisaiyu, a gallery in Taito-ku. The exhibition is based on the themes of encounter and separation.

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VoidTokyo: Sharaku Photo Exhibition

VoidTokyo was established in 2017 with the aim of regularly publishing zines, but it also does group exhibitions. This upcoming exhibition, “Sharaku,” shows Tokyo through the eyes of all the different members of VoidTokyo.

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Photograph: Albert Font. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin

Cristina BanBan Solo Exhibition at Perrotin Tokyo

Perrotin Tokyo will have Barcelona-native Cristina BanBan’s works on display in a solo exhibit. BanBan’s works are mainly of female forms, and her mastery of composition and aesthetic forms is apparent in her nuanced pieces. To commemorate her first ever monograph, she will be book signing at the opening reception on July 5.

For more information, see our event listing. Also read TW’s interview with BanBan to learn more about the artist.

DinoScience Expo at Tokyo Midtown

The DinoScience Expo is back in Tokyo Midtown. Visitors can experience the world of dinosaurs based on the latest scientific discoveries. The Expo offers a unique atmosphere and interactive exhibitions alongside an entertaining nighttime space.

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Ryutaro Takahashi Contemporary Japanese Art Collection Exhibition

What Museum is a contemporary art collector’s museum operated by Terrada Warehouse. For its reopening, the museum is showing Ryutaro Takahashi’s Contemporary Japanese Art Collection Exhibition. The collection was established in 1997 by psychiatrist Ryutaro Takahashi, one of Japan’s foremost art collectors. It currently consists of more than 3,000 works of art, which offer a comprehensive view of the diversity of the Japanese contemporary art scene.

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“Seeing Without a Seer” Exhibition at Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo

Fergus McCaffrey Tokyo is pleased to announce the opening of “Seeing Without a Seer,” a drawing exhibition by eight artists: Joe Bradley, Cecily Brown, Sam Francis, Marcia Hafif, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Brice Marden, Cy Twombly and Jiro Yoshihara.

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Exhibition: Sampling Furniture

These days, interest is growing in making customization and DIY part of our daily lives. D&Department are pursuing this trend with tools for daily living that transcend traditional concepts. D&Department’s Sampling Furniture series, “creates without creating” by reassembling existing commercial products, parts, and waste materials into sample products that resemble everyday furniture items like chairs and storage chests.

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Kusama in the exhibited hexagonal mirror room at “Kusamaʼs Peep Show” or “Endless Love Show,” a solo exhibition at Richard Castellane Gallery, New York. 1966 © YAYOI KUSAMA

Yayoi Kusama’s Self-Obliteration/Psychedelic World Exhibition

This exhibition focuses on the psychedelic aspects of Yayoi Kusama’s work and presents rich variations of her creations from different periods. It includes the premiere of her latest series of hexagonal mirrored rooms — first presented at her solo exhibition in New York in the latter half of the 1960s, as well as a film and related materials. Through these showcases, this exhibition introduces Kusama’s activities at that time, which were also a driving force of the psychedelic movement.

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MOT Presents: How I feel is not your problem, period.

“How I feel is not your problem, period.” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo serves to cast an eye on the difficulties of life that teenagers may feel and proposes to continue thinking about various unanswerable questions through engaging with contemporary art.

The works of five artists: Shigeo Arikawa, Makiko Yamamoto, Atsushi Watanabe (I’m here project), Riki Takeda, and Kayako Nakashima attempt to think about and understand people they don’t know, or those who are not there in front of them. Through this exhibition, the artists hand over the words “How I feel is not your problem, period.” to teenage children, with the message that it is okay not to empathize.

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Seasonal Events

Tokyo Midtown Garden Summer: Midpark Lounge and Foot Bath

Tokyo Midtown Garden changes with the seasons and holidays. To make the most of summer, they’ve created the Tokyo Midtown’s Midpark Lounge. A special menu will be on offer and diners can relax on specially-installed tables and chairs, relishing the summer breeze. From 5pm daily, guests are invited to enjoy the refreshing ashimizu (Japanese traditional cold foot bath) area. Sit down to paddle your feet in the cool running stream.

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Rooftop Champagne Garden feat. Moët & Chandon at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi

Enjoy a night out at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi’s rooftop bar Platform9 with a glass of Moët & Chandon and free flowing wine. The rooftop bar boasts impressive Moët & Chandon decorations and fresh white parasols, where you can escape the heat and the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Signature Summer Afternoon Tea at The Peak Lounge, Park Hyatt Hotel

Aiming to bring the beach to the center of Tokyo, The Peak Lounge’s 2023 Signature Summer Afternoon Tea is full of delightful creations imagined by Executive Pastry Chef Julien Perrinet and his team, like a vanilla and strawberry cake shaped into a flamingo buoy, a blueberry fromage mousse topped with a white chocolate sea star, and a lifelike chocolate cream pearl in a beautiful oyster shell. Finish with a refreshing peach-infused shaved ice.

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Tokyo Marriott Hotel Presents: Peach Pink Afternoon Tea

For the months of July and August, the Tokyo Marriott Hotel’s Afternoon Tea will be peachy pink. The hotel’s sweet and savory dishes use an abundance of peaches, the fruit that represents the summer season with its bright sweetness. The pastry chef’s passion for peaches is expressed in his desire for customers to enjoy them in their best condition. The lineup also includes nine other cute sweets, such as bonbon chocolates and cream puffs, all designed to resemble the essence of the peach. Four savory dishes, including a pasta dish accented with cool basil and lovely pink sandwiches, are also being served.

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Il Lupino Prime Mango & Tropical Fruits Afternoon Tea

Il Lupino Prime in Tokyo, a German-owned Italian restaurant established in Hawaii, is offering a new Mango & Tropical Fruits Afternoon Tea course beginning on June 15. It features six different savory dishes, including USDA prime beef mini hamburgers, lemon and caviar capellini and fresh vegetable sticks.

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Summer BBQ Terrace at Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Making the best out of the summer season, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo has a seasonal summer terrace offering American barbecue and free flowing drinks. Oak Door Summer Terrace “BBQ Road Trip” is an indulgent spread of five types of meat including Japanese beef and pork ribs, as well as grilled shrimp and scallops. There’s also a plan for a free flow of tropical fruit, sweet and sour cocktails and ice-cold beer. The theme revolves around traversing the Mid-Southern United States on “Route 66.”

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Matcha Afternoon Tea at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

This hotel offers an elegant afternoon tea featuring 12 types of petit gâteaux combining summer fruits and fragrant matcha, as well as five beautifully presented savory dishes, all made with matcha tea. Enjoy a cool afternoon with a wide variety of beverages, including Ronnefeldt tea. The set is served in the Atrium Lounge with a two-hour seating limit.

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Mediterranean Beer Terrace at Pullman Tokyo Tamachi

Open-air beer terraces are a hallmark of Tokyo’s sweltering summer. Pullman Tokyo Tamachi has themed its beer terrace this year around Mediterranean cuisines. Alongside beer, it offers sparkling wine, whiskey, plum wine, lemon sour and soft drinks. You can enjoy Greek souvlaki-inspired quesadillas, sausages, grilled vegetables and more. Unlike evening-only spots, this beer terrace is open both for lunch and dinner and pets are allowed too.

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The Steakhouse Chef’s Brunch at ANA InterContinental Tokyo

The hotel’s international team of chefs came up with a menu that would suit the diversified lifestyles of the ever-evolving cosmopolitan city of Tokyo. Based on the concepts of “the city that never sleeps,” “any person can eat anytime,” and “always brunch time,” The Steakhouse Chef’s Brunch features a lineup of international dishes suitable for a brunch that is not restricted by time.

An eye-catching seven-course of snacks is served on a three-tiered stand in the style of afternoon tea. Snacks include a mini croissant with grilled bacon, deviled eggs, hummus and more. This is followed by a fixed-style menu with a choice of appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

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