“Atlas of a Dream Volcano” is an exhibition at Datsuijo, Tokyo drawing on a book by the artist Alexandra Ruppert. In the book, Ruppert calls for a dream-ward shift in our thinking, inspired by visionaries such as Donna Haraway and Ursula K.Le Guin.

In the exhibition, Ruppert turns from a tool for mapping the outside world into a pathway towards reconsidering the world inside ourselves, especially those created using our unconscious world-building capacities. Guests are also invited to submit their dreams online to be part of the exhibition.

Joining Ruppert will be the artists: Jean Lemonnier, Qiu-cheng Xu and Jo Hyejung, whose work also travels into dreamtime and the unconscious.

This event will be held at Datsuijo, Yanaka.

Note: Only those who have booked will be informed of the event address. The location is an 8-minute walk from Nippori Station.