“How I feel is not your problem, period.” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo serves to cast an eye on the difficulties of life that teenagers may feel, and proposes to continue thinking about various unanswerable questions through engaging with contemporary art.

The works of five artists: Shigeo Arikawa, Makiko Yamamoto, Atsushi Watanabe (I’m here project), Riki Takeda, and Kayako Nakashima attempt to think about and understand people they don’t know, or those who are not there in front of them. Through this exhibition, the artists hand over the words “How I feel is not your problem, period.” to teenage children, with the message that it is okay not to empathize. Take this opportunity—not only children in their teens but also adults—to experience the fun of engaging in on-going contemplation without having the need to jump to conclusions.