With winter rapidly approaching, keeping your dog’s tootsies warm and cozy should be of utmost concern. Keeping this in mind, docdog, a brand specializing in veterinarian-approved dog socks and shoes, has designated November 29 as the day of good health for dog’s paw pads.

Sure, your dog might find the sensation of footwear awkward and he or she may hop about the linoleum like a popcorn kernel tossed in the frying pan, but there are other reasons for purchasing socks for your pooch other than your own mild entertainment and the hopes of going viral on YouTube.

The Harsh Realities of Winter

Various dangers lurk on the snowy grounds during walks with your beloved pet. Dog socks and shoes are indispensable items to protect against various hazards such as snow melting agents like salt and sand, the frozen terra firma, and dryness. In summer, they’re needed to protect paw pads from the scalding asphalt.

The inside of your home isn’t always safe either. Smooth flooring dries out your pet’s paws and causes slippage, possibly resulting in an injury. And if you have a senior dog with weak legs, these products are a great support for their tendons.

While dogs in the wild have thicker and more resistant paw pads to shield themselves against nature’s dangers, house dogs have tender appendages, and are certainly not immune to broken glass and other sharp and hard objects littering the streets. Finally, if you take your dogs on more strenuous hikes, venturing through forest trails, playing in the mountain snow or water, dog shoes or socks are a must.


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A Docdog Celebration

In honor of the astounding number of dogs wearing dog socks and shoes (more than 40,000 sold!), and in order to promote the protection of our animal friends’ delicate paw pads, docdog has prepared the Save the Nikukyu Campaign (nikukyu meaning paw pads in Japanese). Four people will be selected through a lottery-based system to receive a paw pad care set. You can enter the lottery by reposting docdog’s campaign post on Instagram and tagging @docdog_media.

In the middle of December, docdog plans to launch a “leg guard for dogs” to prevent snowballs from forming on your dog’s fur and legs during your winter walks.