A British grandmother has lost an appeal against her death sentence for drug trafficking in Indonesia.

The Bali High Court upheld the sentence handed down to 56-year-old Lindsay Sandiford in January. The appeal judges ruled the original decision was “accurate and correct,” a spokesman for the high court said.

The high court gave her 14 days to appeal to the Supreme Court starting from the day she is informed of the verdict, reports the BBC. If the Supreme Court rejects her appeal, Sandiford’s last resort would be to apply for clemency to the president.

The British Embassy in Jakarta said it was “disappointed” to learn Sandiford’s appeal has been refused by the high court and that it “strongly opposes” the death penalty.

Sandiford was arrested in May last year on arrival from Thailand after customs authorities found 4.8kg (10.6lb) of cocaine in the lining of her suitcase.

The prosecution recommended 15 years imprisonment but a panel of judges later sentenced Sandiford to death by firing squad.