Friday is Culture Day, which means that you’ve got three days worth of weekend to enjoy all of the activities that are lined up. So whether you’re looking to pick up that perfect book to curl up with as the temperatures get colder, savor more than your fair share of ramen, check out the latest directions in electronic music, or just take a stroll amongst some autumn flowers, there’s something in our lineup for you to enjoy.


Yokohama Triennale 2017: Islands, Constellations & Galapagos

Last weekend to see this exhibition that features the work of more than 40 artists, whose pieces explore themes of isolation and connectivity, imagination and guidance, and distinctness and diversity.

Tokyo Ramen Show 2017

Ramen, ramen, ramen! The Tokyo Ramen Show is in its ninth year of its annual noodletastic takeover. Whether you’re looking for regional rarities or universally known names, Tokyo Ramen Show has it all.

Chrysanthemum Exhibition at Shinjuku Gyoen

Flowerbeds filled with colorful chrysanthemums are housed under protective covers for visitors to enjoy and photograph at their leisure. For those who enjoy a crisp November stroll, the many varieties of flower are a delightful sight in what is already one of Tokyo’s most picturesque settings.

Dream Yosakoi

The 16th Dream Yosokoi Festival takes over the Odaiba area for three days of lively dancing and cheer. Yosakoi is a unique style of dancing combining traditional Japanese moves with modern music – think somewhere between awa-odori and cheerleading!

Kanda Used Book Festival

With over 170 used bookstores in a relatively small area, Jimbocho in Kanda is a book lover’s paradise. Every year, a book festival to rival book festivals sees bookstores placing bookshelves opposite their storefronts on the sidewalks of Yasukuni street, the main thoroughfare in the area.

Nomi no Ichi Antiques Market

This large biannual flea market is a dream for collectors, retro shoppers and antique appreciators. The stalls are operated by some of the finest vintage, recycle and boutique select shops from across Japan. Numerous food stalls are on hand to keep visitors well fed, in addition to live music, workshops and entertainment for children.

Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Check out some of the coolest concept cars around and take a peek into the future of automobiles.

Magma 10th Anniversary Exhibition

A 10th Anniversary exhibition for the playful artist unit ‘magma’ takes a look back at their impressive decade of work, which spans a variety of media and includes advertising art, furniture pieces, products and space production for everything from retail stores to music video sets.

The Greenmarket Sumida

Sumida Ward’s monthly Greenmarket boasts around 70 stalls selling various goods, foods, crafts and sundries. Everyone is welcome at this friendly local market where you can discover there is much more to Sumida than the nearby towering Skytree!

MUTEK Festival

The second edition of MUTEK Japan aims to bring fresh combinations of sound and vision to new audiences. The NPO operates festivals across the globe to promote, disseminate and develop emerging forms of digital sound, music and visual creation.

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