Grand Hyatt Tokyo has done just that, and we went along to sample the result: an Ice Burger complete with cinnamon pie crisps.

The Oak Door, one of the hotel’s 10 restaurants, is known for its menu of top quality steakhouse cuisine, including its signature “Oak Door Burger.” So when we heard they were offering a dessert version, featuring a “patty” made from raspberry ice cream no less, we booked a table on the terrace and ordered “a burger followed by an ice burger, thank you.”

Be warned: When it arrives, you’ve only got a few minutes to snap the perfect Instagram shot before it starts melting. The ruby-red disc of raspberry ice cream is placed perfectly atop a bed of custard and strawberries, and sandwiched between chocolate-coated brioche. And on the side, you’re served super crunchy “French fries” made from sweetened pie crust, with raspberry dip in place of the usual tomato sauce condiment.

There is nothing savory about this burger. It’s all sugar and comfort and lip-smacking sweetness. It’s big enough to share between two as a dessert, especially if – like us – you’re ordering this beefy burger as a main:

The Oak Door Burger (2) - The Oak Door, Grand Hyatt Tokyo, Roppongi - Review by Mandy Lynn, Tokyo Weekender


The Ice Burger (¥2,200) is part of Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s summer 2016 special menu, so it’s only available at The Oak Door restaurant until the end of July, and between 11:30am and 2pm (until 3pm on weekends and holidays).

Coming up in August, they’ll be switching to a Brazilian Ex-Turbo Burger (¥2,200) with cheese, ham, bacon, egg, and crispy potatoes. And in September, they’ll be offering a Chili Cheeseburger (¥2,200) crammed with cheddar cheese and corn chips.

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