Feeling a bit dull, tired or simply in need of something refreshing to get yourself back on track? The holiday season is just around the corner, which means heaps of feasting and drinking involved, and we’re not so sure if our bodies are going to handle it as well as our minds will. Here are some all-natural, nutrient-packed juices that will give you that extra push to get your end-of-the-year work done and prepare for the holidays.

From 30 November, Hurom, a company that makes juicing machines and processed juices, will collaborate with Asakusa Farm Bar – famed as a “city marché” whose aisles are stocked with highly selected, seasonal vegetables and fruits – by offering premium slow juices in the Shun Marugoto style (literally meaning “the whole lot of what’s in season”) made from the freshest produce, and providing its customers with unfiltered natural tastes and the unique flavors of seasonal items.


What makes these juices so appealing is that they are made using Hurom’s world No.1 slow juicer, which is equipped with slow squeezing technology that extracts the most nutrients possible from fruits and vegetables.

The great mind behind the creation of these tasty, healthy juices is superfood creator WOONIN. The producer of Asakusa Farm, she dedicates herself to promoting wellness and helping people shape their own healthy lifestyles, mainly focused on real low/slow food recipes.

With their rich flavors, bright colors, and high nutrition, one cup of Asakusa Farm’s “Shun Marugoto” will get you back in tip-top shape and in a merry mood for the festive season.


Sweet Potato and Carrot: ¥900

Although we were grateful for those gorgeous sunny days of summer, we need to take care of the damage that has been done. This drink comes to the rescue: the carotene in carrots effectively treats the UV damage from the inside and leads to healthier and smoother skin. The potassium from the purple potatoes also stimulates kidney function – helping to get rid of extra moisture and reduce swelling.

Ingredients: Sweet potato, carrot, and apple


Ginger, Coriander, and Kale: ¥900

This green juice is the ultimate detox solution for those just too busy for a neat, well-organized eating routine. As coriander helps to clear the liver of heavy metals, and kale’s antioxidants help to get rid of waste throughout the body, this drink has a fast, effective – and all natural! – effect. Know what this bright greenness means? The green pigments of chlorophyll will restore the body’s natural pH balance and counteract the acidic environments generated in the body by stress.

Ingredients: Ginger, clementine, coriander, pear, kale, and apple


Persimmon, Clementine, and Lotus Root: ¥900

For those who just had to celebrate before the BIG celebration, here is a drink that will take care of all that wooziness to help you get a fresh start to the next morning. The enzymes contained in persimmons work well to break down alcohol, thus works wonders for hangovers. Thanks to the clementines, this drink has plenty of vitamin C – great for battling this chilly winter – while the nutrients in lotus roots aid digestion and help the body fight inflammation.

Ingredients Persimmons, lotus root, clementine, green lemon


Special Item – Special Apple, Beets, “La France” Pear: ¥2,500 (¥2,000 for women)

Look out for this ultimate creation, which will be offered on Wednesdays until 28 December. The shop selects rare fruits and vegetables that are at their best at this time of year, and only serve five glasses per day, but as part of the promotions for “Ladies Day,” female customers get a ¥500 discount. The dietary fiber pectin in apples is effective in cleaning accumulated waste in the small intestine, making for clearer and brighter skin. Meanwhile, beets, also known as the “edible blood transfusion,” are rich in iron, which helps prevent dizziness caused by low blood pressure. It also helps elevate liver function, reducing toxins. While the nutrients in beets work as a medicine, the Vitamin B1 abundant in La Frances fight exhaustion, and work to boost your energy during the fast-paced holiday season.

Ingredients: Apple, la france, yuzu, and beets

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