Talisker, the single malt Scotch whisky from the isle of Skye, is launching a new campaign that’ll bring a twist to the average highball.

Crafted in the rugged landscape of Skye, Talisker Distillery has pushed the limits of Scotch-making for almost 200 years. That forward-looking spirit attracts many a Scotch fan, as does the unique flavor, which combines a fresh fruitiness with a hint of smoky pepper at the first sip for a perfect balance.

Talisker can no doubt be appreciated straight or on the rocks, but its smoky aroma’s full potential is brought out even more in a refreshing highball.


From March 6 to June 30, bottles with campaign stickers will come with a packet of black pepper carefully made at famed Yokohama Kunsei Kobo smokehouse. The campaign suggests an alternative way to enjoy the drink: a highball with a dash of pepper on top. For Talisker fans, the campaign also offers a chance to get a pepper mill for three purchases: just collect the three stickers on the bottles and register through the campaign website.

With its spicy flavor and smoky aroma, the refreshing drink is a perfect fit for both a quick aperitif as well as a glass to relax after a hard day.

Follow these two rules to make a genuine glass of highball:

1. Never pour the soda directly onto the ice (the ice will melt and reduce the fizz)

2. Never mix after adding the soda (this will also reduce the fizz)

Top with a sprinkle of black pepper and have yourself a well-deserved unique drink (or two).


Talisker 10 years, 700 ml
Suggested Retail Price: ¥4,800

Talisker Storm, 700 ml
Suggested Retail Price: ¥5,500


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