Recently opened in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant districts, Ginza 815 is a top-class dining establishment specializing in sushi and champagne.

The so-called “sushi-cham” eatery is a dream partnership between the renowned food and wine distributor Arcane Ltd. and the Michelin-starred restaurant Ginza Iwa. It’s not all about sushi and champagne, though. The one set menu available – that does change depending on seasons and markets – includes a number of delectable dishes and drinks that can be enjoyed while watching the chef work his magic behind the counter.

ginza 815


The opening plate during our visit was a decadent, melt-in-the-mouth vegetable bouillon flan with sour cream and caviar washed down with the rich, distinctive taste of Bollinger Special Cuvée NV champagne. This was followed by some tender kinmedai, also known as golden eye snapper, which was paired with Chablis Premier Cru Montmains 2013, a dry, crisp white wine with a refined finish.

That was only the beginning. The dishes and drinks just kept getting better. Up next was a sumptuous pâté de campagne and Okinawan passion fruits sandwich served alongside a crab cake with romesco sauce that tasted simply divine. The same could be said of the Bollinger Rose NV it came with.

Before the main course, we were treated to an exquisitely presented minced waygyu beef salad and a glass of Marsannay 2013; a ruby colored wine with a lot of substance. It was then time for some sake to drink with the main course; seven different types of sushi all served separately. From the golden cuttlefish to the rolled salmon roe it was some of the best raw fish we’ve ever experienced.

As well as the sake, there was also some champagne to sip with the sushi: Bollinger La Grande Année 2005. Unquestionably the most impressive drink of the evening, it’s a truly exceptional champagne that’s powerful, supple and graceful. It was the last glass of our meal before moving on to green tea. As for the food, after a bowl of nutritious minestrone soup we finished off with olive oil gelato for dessert which tasted much better than it sounds.

Amazing food and impeccable service, Ginza 815 is definitely a restaurant we plan on visiting again in the near future.

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ginza 815