A new event to celebrate the joys of craft beer? Count us in.

Japan is a country that loves its beer, but far too much of it is mass-produced lager (and don’t get us started on happoushu…). So, to help increase awareness and train palates, the organizers of Tokyo Beer Week have established a new event that highlights the wide variety of flavors and brewing styles that the microbrewery movement has to offer. The 1st Annual Tokyo Beer Week kicked off yesterday at craft beer institution Popeye, and will be livening up more than 80 bars, restaurants, and cafes around town until this Sunday.

There are events going on all around Tokyo, so you should be able to drop in at one (or more) of them during the course of the week to enjoy some quality beer, and some good food to go with it. If you could possibly want more, there will be various beer workshops and seminars on tap, as well as some musical performances.

So, however you say it: Here’s to your health, and we hope you have a chance to drop in at one of the events this week to raise a glass.

Tokyo Beer Week

When: April 13–20

Where: Various bars around Tokyo

More information: http://beerweek.jp/2014apr/ (Japanese only)

Main Image: Tokyo Beer Week