Set to open its doors today, Rakuten prepares to launch a new concept cafe and its first flagship as an additional marketing hub for the online retailer in Shibuya.

Known as the Amazon of Japan, the e-commerce giant has recently made headlines with its acquisition of Viber for $900 million and Viki (similar to Hulu), and has now expanded its reach through a cafe and location where customers can utilize Rakuten’s services while tasting their most popular sweets, coffee, and liquor. While the company has typically interacted with its consumers over the internet, Rakuten has taken the connection offline and into the real world.

At Rakuten Cafe, open everyday from 11am to 11pm, guests can enjoy free wifi, mobile chargers, e-books, and pay with Rakuten’s easy payment services. Paying by Rakuten’s card will also get you a half-priced coffee or tea.  The lunch and dinner menu feature popular items from their site, and include many different sweets, pastries, light snacks and even pizza, along with coffee, tea, smoothies, wine, and beer.

The unique concept was brought to life by award-winning art director, Kashiwa Sato, who has worked on projects for big brands such as Tsutaya and Uniqlo. The three-story, 85-seat cafe is located across the street from the Disney store and a few doors down from Shibuya’s Apple store. Already looking towards the success of the cafe, the company is said to be planning a second location in Futako Tamagawa.

Address: 1-20-6 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Open:11:00 – 23:00 (7 days a week)
Official Website:





Images: Rakuten