Valentine’s Day is looming around the corner. Every shopping mall, department store and major train station in Tokyo is bursting with Valentine’s Day chocolates, treats and drinksShibuya Scramble Square is no exception. From Valentine’s bento boxes to cocoa butter face cream, here are five ways to begin your preparation for Valentine’s Day at Shibuya Scramble Square.

Pack a Love Bento For Valentine’s Day

For a fresh but hearty way to express your love to your busy working partner, a Valentine’s Day bento box is the way to go. If you and your significant other both work full-time, it may be hard to prepare something nice for Valentine’s Day. Not to worry. You can purchase or even cook a bento box the night before to pack the perfect Valentine lunch. They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, and this filling bento of high-quality black cattle steak sold at at Tsukada Farm (at Tokyu Food Show Edge on B2) will definitely strike the heart straight and true.

For the Irresistible Beauty Guru in Your Life

For the organic, skincare junkie, perhaps Soko Japan’s all-natural cocoabutter face cream may be the perfect gift. Not only is this all-in-one night cream non-tacky (and smell amazing), it also has a relaxation effect due to the theobromine inside cocoa butter. Theobromine is known for its ability to calm down the nerves. Kill two birds with one stone with this natural face cream – achieving gorgeous skin and a good night’s sleep. Soko Japan is located at the beauty pop-up space on the sixth floor.

Dive into New Realms of Chocolatey Decadence

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go adventurous and choose the ultimate chocolate that speaks non-traditional, creative and memorable. Crafted with Japanese tastes by skilled chocolatiers, Nel Craft Chocolate Tokyo combines the taste of “wa” and chocolate in this delightful box of bon bon chocolates. Nel Craft Chocolate Tokyo uses classic Japanese ingredients such as ooba, shiso, goma, even sansho to create a sublime freshness that leaves you in a trance after your first bite. Nel Craft Chocolate Tokyo is located at Tokyu Food Show Edge’s pop-up space on the first floor.

Chocolatify Your Belongings

Organize your keys and paper bills in this gorgeous “pure-chocolate” colored key case by Tsuchiya Kaban. This is the perfect gender-neutral gift for the one forgetful person who loses their keys or money all the time (we all know that one person in our life). Carefully made and guaranteeing long-lasting durability, this leather chocolate key case will age like good wine as its bitter-chocolate-like color will deepen with long wear. This luscious key case is sold exclusively during this Valentine’s Day season at Tsuchiya Kaban, located on the 11th floor.

Courtesy of Shibuya Scramble Square

Split a Andes Cacao Gelato with a Triple Cacao Stout for two

Head to Carvaan Tokyo, located on the 12th floor of Shibuya Scramble Square, for a Valentine’s Day exclusive, the Triple Cacao Stout. The Triple Cacao Stout is produced with cacao nibs from the Andes, creating a black beer with an amazing aroma of chocolate. To have the best decadent experience, we recommend ordering the Andes Cacao Gelato with the Triple Cacao Stout. The Andes Cacao Gelato is an Arabian-style gelato that uses cacao nibs and flower nectar from Ecuador. This healthy sugar-free dessert uses dates and walnuts, so you can definitely cave into your chocolate cravings with no guilt. Carvaan Tokyo is located on the 12th Floor.

Feature image of Coneri courtesy of Shibuya Scramble Square