Some Japanese film fans have already weighed in on the looks of the new Godzilla—and they say that he could lose a few thousand tons.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or at the bottom of the sea), you’ve probably heard something about the gigantic lizard’s return to the big screen, whether it’s rumors that the movie will take Godzilla a little more seriously than the last Hollywood reboot did in 1998, or the fact that it’s our first good look at actor Bryan Cranston since the last episode of Breaking Bad.

Sci-fi fans are already fired up about the latest trailer, which you can see below. But an early shot of Godzilla, distributed by Legendary Pictures and appearing in the LA Times, got some fans here in Godzilla’s home country a little concerned about the big guy’s waistline.

Some commenters on the fan site Itai News had a few choice comments for the big fella: “This is what happens when Godzilla doesn’t get enough exercise.” ”He looks like an overweight cat!” ”You guys said that you didn’t like the slim Godzilla, so I put on some weight.”

That said, maybe it wasn’t the super-sized saurian’s best angle, and they do say that being shot from below makes you look a little chubby…

Have a look for yourself and see what you think: