You think trucks can’t be funny? This manzai duo will make you think again.

If you were roaming the aisles at the Tokyo Motor Show last year, you might have missed it, even though it was weighing in at over 30 tons. And it was awfully big. UD Trucks’ Quon Fuel Demonstrator, dubbed “a lab on wheels,” was a mobile showcase for the company’s latest innovations in fuel efficiency: an 8-liter engine that offers the performance of an 11-liter engine, a design that drastically cuts down on wind drag, and a GPS-based notification system that helps drivers achieve superior fuel efficiency by notifying them about upcoming curves and slopes on their routes.

Many of these innovations have found their way into UD Trucks’ newest model, the Quon, as the automaker continues to push towards its long-term goal of a 10% increase in fuel efficiency, using currently available technology. Several other improvements have been made in the technology that powers the Quon, including adjustments to the transmission system and an advanced monitoring system that coaches drivers to get the most out of their gas. Improvements in chassis design have allowed UD to decrease the total weight of their trucks by 200 kg, allowing for a greater payload in vehicles, as well as cutting-edge safety systems that warn drivers when vehicles are too close or when a driver might be going out of their lane.

But even with all of the new developments in their latest model, UD Trucks’ customers can still rely on the trademark look of these rugged workhorses, which combine solid construction with what we’d call a kind of svelteness, albeit in a multi-ton package. That’s what Woman Rush Hour Japanese comedy team of Daisuke Murakami (the thin guy) and Paradise Nakagawa (the fat guy) play on in UD Trucks’ latest ad. Murakami rattles off many of the Quon’s new technical improvements, while his counterpart can’t find anything about the truck that looks different. But there is something that they both can agree on. What is it? You’ll have to watch the video and find out.


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