Often referred to as the “rose of winter,” tsubaki, the Japanese camellia, is an ideal for many Japanese women.

The dignified and refreshing scent when they bloom into large, beautiful flowers has been used as a staple fragrance for Japanese cosmetics. Makanai Cosmetics, a Japanese cosmetic brand based in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, will release its seasonal edition series “The Aroma of Tsubaki” on December 26.

All products from the series embody a camellia-like scent made 100% from natural essential oils created by carefully blending the aroma of fresh geranium and cedar wood. The refreshing scent is perfect for welcoming the upcoming new year.

The brand-new package has a simple black-and-red colored theme, bringing a focus to the flower’s elegance and also reminding us of the style of a refined kimono.

What makes the sophisticated cosmetics intriguing is the story behind their creation. The history of the cosmetic brand goes back to the Meiji era — originally established as a gold leaf shop in Kanazawa, the women working at the gold leaf workshops were the ones that created the brand in search of products that would protect their skin from the burning temperature and dry air.

Created by women spending over a century to perfect their own natural remedies, Makanai Cosmetics are a sure bet. Here are some must-buys from their new collection that will get you through the cold winter and ready for the blossoming spring.


Signature Hand Cream  – An exquisitely-created cream

Based on aroma of the Japanese camellia, the tsubaki, the freshly-scented geranium moisturizes the skin, while the cedar wood essential oil adds a perfect balance. Using only natural ingredients, the hand cream can be used from small children to the elderly. While moisturizing thoroughly, it does not leave any unwanted stickiness — a hand cream made for a well-balanced remedy.

Main Ingredients
Water, Jojoba oil, Squalene, Shea Butter, Hybrid sunflower oil, etc.
Regular size: 50g: ¥1,500 plus tax Mini size: 8g: ¥550 plus tax


Solid Perfume – From season to season

Made only with shea butter, jojoba oil, and natural essential oils, this solid perfume is a fragrance that can be used for delicately moisturizing the skin. The solid fragrance is a perfect choice for those who prefer a subtle scent. Melting at body temperature, it spreads easily, and is also great for treating dry fingers and nails.

Main Ingredients
Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Geranium oil, Cedar wood oil
3g: ¥1,200 plus tax


Frozen Konjac Sponge

As hard as it may be to believe, frozen konjac (konnyaku) works wonders on removing old skin and waste material, leaving the skin silky smooth. Traditionally used by the Japanese since the Edo period, all you have to do is gently slide it onto the skin. The Tsubaki Series’ konjac sponge is made from rich camellia oil containing 85-93% oleic acid, which miraculously moisturizes the skin after just a rinse.

Main Ingredients
Konnyaku mannan, Red clay, Tsubaki Oil
¥770 plus tax

The series also includes a moisturizing mist, bath salts, massage oil, and soap bar — all using 100% essential oils. For those interested in trying out some Japanese beauty treats, visit PR TIMES (Japanese Only)