With over 75 boutique hotels across the world, many of which are award-winning, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants has made a name for itself as the innovative luxury traveler’s dream accommodation. The Tokyo location that’s been open for three years now is no different. Many guests have indulged in this hotel’s classically New York Art Deco design and whimsical flair, and this winter there’s a special treat for all. Kicking off the festive season, on December 1, Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo is bringing Manhattan’s glitzy 1920s culture to modern Tokyo for a glamorous Burlesque Night, and everyone is invited.

Date & Time Dec 1, 2023・18:30-・Doors open at 18:30, event starts at 19:00
Price ¥5,000
Location Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo
More Info includes one drink and selection of hors-d’oeuvres

Quiet Luxury in the Manhattan of Tokyo

Located in the heart of Shinjuku, Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo lives up to the brand’s reputation. Inspired by the bustling cityscapes of both Shinjuku and Manhattan, Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo is a coalescence of East and West, luxury and vibrancy.

A short walk from the world’s busiest train station, Shinjuku’s iconic streets and the expansive Shinjuku Chuo Park, Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo takes full advantage of the energy that simmers in the Manhattan equivalent of Tokyo, while at the same time elevating it. Very much part of the excitement but still grounded in luxury with top-class service and facilities, Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo has been adored by guests globally.

Photo by Anna Petek

Burlesque Extravaganza

Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo has organized a dazzling burlesque performance for guests to get a taste of both Tokyo and NYC’s dance scene. For this special night only, 9 dancers from the Tokyo burlesque scene formed an extravagant supergroup named “Balance.” An exotic dance style with theatrical and at times comedic allure, burlesque was a breath of fresh air when it was introduced to New York in the 1860s.

No other performance style is more suitable for Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo, a brand dedicated to delivering the very best and unique experience the world has to offer. The Burlesque Night at Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo will embody two key aspects of the hotel — timeless and sleepless. Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo possesses that classic luxury that doesn’t age, combined with the bustling energy of Tokyo’s entertainment district.

This December, get lost in Shinjuku’s energy while dancing the night away. Relive the explosion of art and music of the Harlem Renaissance right here in Tokyo with an unforgettable evening with burlesque dance, lively music and flowing drinks in the framework of Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo’s gorgeous architecture and interior design.

The Bowery | Photo by Anna Petek

Venue With a History

Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo’s Timeless and Sleepless Burlesque Night will be held in Bowery, the banquet space on the 14th floor. Named after NYC’s oldest entertainment district with seminal ties to tap dance and vaudeville theatre, the room overlooks the twinkling city below. The room itself has metal inlays reminiscent of Japan’s rolling hills and a rosy bubble chandelier. With a mirrored ceiling refracting the warm light, guests will feel like they are dancing and mingling among the Manhattan skyline, while still in Tokyo.

The entrance ticket will come with a drink, and guests will have a chance to try out Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo’s very best drinks and a delectable selection of hors-d’oeuvres. Glimmering in the reflection of Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo’s carefully laid out furnishings, guests will feel like a Broadway star in their own right. For one night only, experience the New York high life in Tokyo’s very own Manhattan at Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo.

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