Our Feel Japan events are a fun, interactive way to get to know the many Japanese prefectures without leaving Tokyo. Earlier this year, we held a special event dedicated to Miyazaki and another featuring Kyushu’s Saga, Nagasaki and Oita prefectures.

This fall, we are working with Shimane and Nagasaki prefectures in hopes of sharing with TW readers and fellow Tokyoites what these regions have to offer. In each session, participants will get the chance to learn more about history, regional culture and cuisine through an interactive presentation.

Nagasaki Session: Join to learn more about the Goto, Iki and Tsushima islands. Sake aficionados will especially enjoy sampling drinks from three islands to compare. The characteristics of each drink will be explained before a short quiz to test your newly acquired knowledge. Other tastings in this session include salt tasting as well as local snacks.

Shimane Session: Join to learn more about the spiritual culture of Shimane Prefecture. This session includes a hands-on workshop where you will be painting your very own Kagura mask. Kagura is the umbrella term for sacred dance and music performed to honor the Shinto gods. Shimane Prefecture is best known for Izumo-ryu kagura, dances inspired by a series of rituals originally performed at Izumo Shrine. This session will also include a VR experience featuring kagura.

This event’s schedule is as follows:

Shimane Prefecture: Sat, Oct 29 at 1:30pm (Doors open from 1pm)

Nagasaki Prefecture: Sat, Oct 29 at 4pm (Doors open from 3:30pm)

Nagasaki Prefecture: Sun, Oct 30 at 1:30pm (Doors open from 1pm)

Shimane Prefecture: Sun, Oct 30 at 4pm (Doors open from 3:30pm)

As with all our events, participants receive a bag of goodies to take home. Participation is free but advanced registration is required.

Check out our Peatix listing for ticket booking. Participants can book spots for up to four people at a time.