The unprecedented spread of the novel coronavirus has taught us a lot about life — the most vital of which is the importance of scrapping the unnecessary, building the things that truly matter, and having the strength to make the right decisions to achieve all that. It has also taught us how crucial a comfortable home is, now that we spend most of our time behind closed doors.

For those of us who are lucky enough to own property in Japan, the time we’ve spent at home over the past couple of months has most likely reminded us of a few amendments the house might need — squeaky flooring here, rusty paint there, termites reminding of their presence… the list may get long and uncomfortable. Add to that the prospects of a cold winter coming up (after the scorching summer ends) and you find yourself dreaming of the central heating back home. For those who are considering buying property from now on — you know that this is a life-time investment that requires some serious consideration. 

Luckily, there are options in Japan to help you find the right partners to build or renovate your home precisely the way you need it. 

Smile Support Co.: Matching you with the best Highly Insulated Airtight (HIA)  building constructors and renovation companies

The Japanese housing industry is as vast as the ocean, but one can’t help but wonder why it’s always that cold in winter and that hot in summer if no electrical appliances are overly used to sustain our seasonal survival.

Founded in 2018, Yokohama-based Management Company Smile Support Co. is a leading influence in Japan’s real estate and housing remodeling market, offering consultation services to clients who want quality housing on par with western standards: in other words, warm in winter, cool in summer houses. 

Smile Support’s mission, therefore, is to match customers with the surprisingly very few building and renovation companies available in Japan that provide top-quality HIA (Highly Insulated Airtight) housing, whether building from scratch or renovating. The great news is that this service is free of charge. 

The simple things in life matter the most

As a leading expert in knowing the best companies that provide high-quality airtightness and heat insulation, Smile Support reminds us why that’s important, in case you’re still wondering. Every year, approximately 19,000 people die in Japan of stroke or heart failure at their bathtubs, which is greatly influenced by the drastic difference in room-bath temperature. This is often a tragic result of housing malfunction associated with a lack of proper insulation. In fact, Japanese houses have the lowest level of insulation and airtightness compared to all other developed countries. 

Proper airtightness and heat insulation can prevent window condensation and the outbreak of mould and mite at home, often causing allergies and asthma. It can also prevent chronic temperature difference inside the house, therefore maintaining — and essentially prolonging — the house’s lifespan and your cash. But most importantly, it can help you have a more comfortable life, higher quality sleep and rest and limit your daily stress of waiting for the AC to do its job — because, as we’ve repeatedly found out this year, it’s the simplest things in life that matter the most. Add to that less reliance on electrical supplies and you can also rest assured that you’re contributing to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

So if you’re looking to freshen up your home in Japan and get ready to welcome a tad more comfortable winter this year and a cooler summer from 2021 onward, or build your house from scratch, give Smile Support a call and ask for their advice. Knowing the best partners to help you get a more comfortable life is your first step toward living well. 

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