On any clear day, a stroll across the bridge to Enoshima island is accompanied by the iconic image of snow-capped Mount Fuji, a view that was encapsulated as the 25th of the 36 views of Mount Fuji painted by Japanese artist Hokusai. Perhaps the view would rank higher if the eccentric master of ukiyo-e had witnessed the scene from the outdoor pool of Enospa.

Legend says that Ryukoji Temple in Kamakura, Enoshima island and Mount Fuji are linked in a triangle of power and as you walk over the bridge to the island you can feel it pull you into its orb of relaxation and healing. Enoshima Shrine is a shrine for beauty and art, and the island is protected by the Goddess Beng Teng (also known as Benzaiten), who tamed the five-headed dragon with her beauty, intelligence and strength.

A popular day-trip destination from Tokyo for travelers looking to increase vigor and enhance beauty while also releasing stress and anxiety, Enospa’s enchanting oceanside outdoor heated pools offer an eternity-like view of Mount Fuji. The unique hot spring is fed by mineral-rich water pumped from 1,500 meters below the island.

At Enospa, the cuisine, various treatments, water temperature, mineral levels in the hot spring, etc., are maintained for utmost refreshment and benefit. The view, the air, the food, the hot springs… all are a part of the overall healing and rejuvenation to be had at the spa. 

There is also a full-body chiropractic treatment available at the Yumemi salon inside the spa, while an aromatherapy detox treatment in the BengTeng Spa inside the facility will work out all of the stress and tension built up over a long, difficult year.

The Enoshima Island Grill located on the fourth floor offers locally procured vegetables galore in their fare, with well-prepared dishes based off fish caught fresh in Sagami Bay. The restaurant’s large windows provide magnificent views overlooking the western sea of Sagami Bay. The morning hours are the best time to gaze upon Fuji before the afternoon clouds settle in, making Island Grill’s morning plan the perfect option to enjoy the spa’s services and a healthy, energizing breakfast. 

The Island Grill’s morning plan is available for a limited-time discounted rate of ¥2,920 (consumption tax and bath tax included), which is a cool ¥1,000 less than normal. Enospa is part of Enoshima Hotel, and the morning service is limited to guests who enter the hotel between 7–9am, though you don’t have to be an overnight guest of the hotel to enjoy the morning plan.

Whether you are looking for a day-long escape from the city, or want to bask in full luxury with an overnight stay at Enoshima Hotel, a trip to Enospa is an island retreat that will make you forget Tokyo is just a short train ride away.

Essential Information

Enospa website | Enoshima Hotel website 

Please note that people with tattoos are not allowed at Enospa.

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