Tsubaki Chaya is a blissful stop nestled in the quiet hill of the Kojushi Breach at Goto Island. The place is warm and inviting, with glass-paned walls lending a contemporary feel albeit its near-full pledge to the traditional Japanese dining vibe. The low traditional tables are fitted with irori (Japanese sunken hearth), and much of the interior is decked with wood and exposed high beams. For lunch, you can expect a spread of fresh island seafood (think buttery scallops, Isaki fish and generous slices of squid), nourishing daisy-fresh vegetables, Goto pork and, of course, the chewy Goto udon served over dashi broth. After the staff demonstrates the grilling method, you are free to pair your protein-of-choice with condiments, but anyone can enjoy the exquisite flavor of the meat alone. With an ocean-facing side that offers a magnificent view of the waters (a perfect backdrop as you enjoy your meal, we would add), dining there is as much a visual feast as it is a culinary delight. 

Address:  1255-1 Hamacho, Goto, Nagasaki 

Website: goto-sight.com/cyaya (website in Japanese)

Tel: 0959-73-5940