As the plates arrive at the round red table, it’s really hard to pin down the origin of the meal. Egg dumplings, Chinese soup, stone-baked Japanese snapper, sashimi, fried shrimp toast and thick, slow-simmered pork belly the setting echoes a Chinese family banquet, but there are elements of European cuisine, too. This is what you get from a shippoku ryori, a dining style only unique to Nagasaki. The area was once a bustling hub for foreigners (Chinese, Dutch and Portugese) across the globe who resided during the “centuries of seclusion,” and now, it has a bit of everything in anything. Get to know more about this fusion at Shippoku Hamakatsu, located three minutes away from the station in Kajiya-machi. Using Nagasaki vegetables and local seafood, you’ll be served all kinds of dishes in this tatami-floored restaurant. With a more casual atmosphere and wallet-friendly price, you can catch up (or go all out) with your friends over great food and drink. 

Address:  6-50 Kajiyamachi, Nagasaki

Website: (website in Japanese)

Tel: 095-826-8321