This Shibuya vegan restaurant pairs nicely with its hipster-esque aesthetic. Tucked away on an obscure backstreet, about five minutes-walk from the station, Nagi Shokudo has a cool Bohemian vibe, complete with micro-brews and indie rock. Seating about 20 people, it’s pretty small. However, there is a raised tatami area where you can sprawl out.

The restaurant is best known for its vegan karaage (Japanese fried chicken), made from in-house soy meat and served with either sweet chili sauce or grated yam. On that note, all items from the deli counter and desserts are vegan as well. Besides the incredible karaage, Nagi Shokudo has vegan curry and stew available on a seasonal, rotating basis.

Address: 15-10 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya-ku


Tel: 03-3461-3280