While illuminations are the staple holiday decor in Japan, proper Christmas trees are starting to be incorporated into some of the seasonal events. On December 25, take a trip to one (or all) of the five best Christmas trees in Tokyo and its surrounding areas.

5. Christmas Market at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

The Yokohama market is a great one for those who like a relaxed, rustic Christmas market. Inspired by traditional German markets leading up to the advent of Christmas, each year delivers a magical fairytale setting complete with thousands of twinkling lights and a giant real fir tree. All the essentials are in place for the perfect romantic date or an outing with family or friends: shopping, ice skating, hot wine and plenty of delicious German food.

Image: Shibuya Cast

4. Shibuya Winter Cast

From the busy streets of Shibuya to a cozy winter space in the middle of Shibuya’s “Shibuya Cast,” what better way to relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit than in a winter-themed relaxation spot? Sit down with your favorite hot beverage and awe at the beautiful illumination with a colorful Christmas Tree at the center of the plaza.

3. Park Hyatt Tokyo

Known to have one of the best views of Tokyo, if you prefer to stay inside this Christmas day Park Hyatt Tokyo has the tree for you. A romantic spot to continue a date after a good dinner, order your favorite drink and enjoy the city lights with a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Looking to book a Christmas dinner? Park Hyatt Tokyo also offers some special holiday courses.

2. Kioi Crystal Christmas at Tokyo Garden Terrace

By day the crystal glass is illuminated by natural light. By night the crystal is illuminated with LED, creating a one-of-a-kind Christmas illumination experience. Live performances, musicals and the centerpiece, a crystal tree, can all be seen this year at Kioi Crystal Christmas. While not your traditional green conifer, this tree is without a doubt the softest reinvention of the tannenbaum.

1. Yebisu Garden Place

You’ll find Tokyo’s most impressive Christmas tree at Yebisu Garden Place as part of the Baccarat Eternal Lights winter illuminations. Decorated with 100,000 fairy lights and standing proudly at the end of a red carpet, the tree is a must-see for those who love the holiday season.

In addition to the tree, this year’s theme is “The shape of pleasure,” and the all-gold-everything illumination event features the highly anticipated chandelier made with 8,472 crystal pieces and 250 lights, as well as a towering Christmas tree decorated with 100,000 fairy lights. Grab a frosty pint at the Yebisu Beer Hall and take a walk through this winter wonderland.