With a new ¥410 basic fare launched this January, grabbing a taxi is becoming a viable option for many Tokyo dwellers.

Now getting out has become as easy as getting in. Japan Taxi, a company devoted to upgrading the taxi experience via technology, has teamed up with Nihon Kotsu to introduce a system that’ll let you hop out of a cab without the trouble of digging around your bag for cash.

Tablets installed in the passenger seats of 4,100 taxis are now linked to “Zenkoku Taxi,” Japan Taxi’s smartphone application which already has attracted over 2.8 million users. By simply registering one’s credit card info through the app, passengers can now pay their fare before arriving at their destination.

Sure, the simple act of paying once you arrive doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but when you’re in a hurry or carrying a load of luggage, every moment counts.

The system aims to present a new approach to the taxi experience. Passengers can now “choose” rather than to “catch” taxis that come their way. Look out for the sticker below to find taxis using the Zenkoku Taxi app.

Between the new ¥410 rate and this smart-pay system, we’re going to be catching a lot more cabs.


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