As you can already see if you have arrived at this page – assuming you’ve been before (if not, welcome!) – Tokyo Weekender has a new website.

We’re pleased to announce a few changes and tweaks that will allow you to more easily enjoy reading and navigating through our content, helping you to discover more features, events or travel ideas that are tailored to your interests and needs whether you are living in Tokyo, just visiting, or want to find out a bit more about what we see as the best city in the world.

We also hope you’ll remember to check out our magazine by clicking on the link above and looking through our archives on the new interactive page flipper.

A few highlights

Our travel section now has a clickable map to help organize both new and historical travel stories and informative articles. We hope that you will discover something eye catching if you are a casual reader, but if you are thinking of planning a day trip from Tokyo, know you want to get stuck in to some winter sports or simply have a hankering to check out prefectures near and far – such as Chiba or Nagasaki – this should be a valuable resource.

There is no bad feedback – please let us know what you think, and do get involved in the conversation we’re pleased to see burgeoning beneath some of our opinion articles.

Our Events Calendar is now more intuitive, with fun stuff to do more discoverable and a database of venues steadily building so that you have an easy time navigating the nightlife of what can be a tough city to make decisions in.

We are also listing festivals that are coming through the summer and beyond and linking to some interviews with some of the people behind them that exist elsewhere on the site.

Our listings are not exhaustive, but they come recommended, and we are always interested to hear about your upcoming events and parties, whether you are a musician, community group, promoter or first time organiser – let us know what’s going on and we’ll tell our readers!

Feedback and comments

There is no bad feedback – please let us know what you think, and get involved in the conversation beneath some of our opinion articles, share tips on travel and enjoy the ease of logging in with your Facebook account or interacting with us on Twitter. We always want to hear from you!

Happy browsing, we hope you are as happy as we are with the changes and will continue to get in touch with your feedback and story ideas.