The latest from Subject Matter and Ultra Super New: Strangelands Exhibition, which combines jewelry, sculpture and photographic art all the way from the land of down under.

If you missed out on “Two Legs Good Four Legs Bad”, the first exhibit of cool new art gallery slash pop-up shop created by Subject Matter and Ultra Super New, well, you definitely missed out. But fear not, the trendy space is still around, and their second exhibit is equally alluring. Always promoting up-and-coming contemporary artists, this is your chance to discover yet another gem.

This time around, get acquainted with Australian multidisciplinary artists Lyn & Tony, who have been working together for 15 years. Their inspiration is the land surrounding them, with its rich textures and natural beauty. Whether it’s a shard of quartz, hand-braided kangaroo leather, or sugar cane, all of these elements are cast into their gorgeous handmade pieces of jewelry.

Extending beyond the jewelry, you can also view photos and sculptures from the duo. Expect a mix of abstract and realism, and views into marginal places such as quarries, swamps and deserted beaches. Judging from the sneak peek we got at the previous exhibit, we have no doubts this one will also be a big hit.

Public opening: October 31, 18:00–21:00

Strangelands Exhibition

When: November 1–22

Where: Jingumae 1-1-3, Shibuya-ku (see map)

How much: Free

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